Monday, November 9, 2009

Appropriate use

Tilt shift as an artistic technique has perhaps lost some of the shock of it's originality, except for those who aren't familiar with it. I decided to use it for my Constructions exhibition because I thought that it was now 'mature' and could work within the larger theme of playing with scale.

I had considered using it in combination with the proportional distortion I used for the principal images. The test shot for that is below. While I felt that it was an interesting image and that the techniques worked together rather than against each other I decided that for the exhibition my intentions were better served in other ways.

Stadium construction

In the end I made a secondary set of images using tilt-shift as a sort of complimentary exhibition within the main body of work. I found themes that I had not been fully aware of to do with scale and playfulness. The distorted panoramas gave the viewer an odd shift in perspective (literally and figuratively) and the compositing of sandpit toys into the construction site further meddled with the issue of scale. The tilt-shift images played with scale in a different way inducing a feeling of 'Am I looking at a model?'
I feel that I achieved something with this exhibition other than interesting images from an unusual viewpoint in that there was a sense of fun evident in a subject that has become divisive and turgid.

School of Art

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