Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Here's a new set of solargraphs from a batch of pinhole cameras harvested today.
Exposures vary between 2 and 4 weeks. I used little film canisters for the cameras.

Wall Street shopping mall. From the mezzanine balcony.I'm not sure what the orange squiggle is from.

This is the old truck in my driveway. It's a '52 Commer 1500 cwt. When it went the wee flathead donk ran sweet. Same truck as in the Marco T Blues Band post below. The camera was stuck onto the back of my car which was driven from time to time and parked more or less in the same place hence the variation in the solar track.

These round things are disused bumper boats at the park in St Kilda. The signal post in the distance is part of the ocean beach railway.

I put the camera on the rotary clothesline and got this image.

This is the Dunedin central police station.

This is from the spiral walkway leading up to the Jetty St overbridge, next to Plato's.

Power pylon, South Dunedin sub station.
That's a half inch bolt in the foreground.

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